Deepest gratitude for your profound guidance. It truly has been extraordinary. The installation of the pyramid and yantras completely reversed my home’s stagnation and propelled me to sever whatever ties bound me to the house. I’m in a new home now that is respectful of vastu principles. I used the knowledge and experience to make this new home a sanctuary. My spirit journey has deepened my sensitivity and awareness. Now I am aware of the depth of sacred geometry’s effects on one’s multi-dimensional well-being and that of the structure that provides us shelter and security. Your expertise has nurtured and nourished my path. May your works flourish and aid everyone.

Shree Ram Mittal


I was facing some problems in my factory and even my health was also affected by the same. My factory was running on losses and I never used to believe in vastu. I heard about Dr. Agarwal from a prestigious newspaper in Delhi and contacted him. I specifically told him I don’t want anything should be demolished in my factory. Dr. Agarwal after seeing my situation advised me to use the Crystals at various places. After he finished installing the Crystals we got some unpredictable results from the factory. Overnight we got some major orders and eventually all our losses were converted into profits. They started working from the day one and till now it is working magically.

Yogesh Taneja


My home feels fantastic since I implemented changes you recommended! In fact, this whole process that we initiated for my office has resulted in an incredible change in my work and living environments. I never realized that my surroundings possessed so much energy and influence. I feel lighter, happier, and more productive. Thanks for the encouragement to carry through on the advice. Thanks Dr. Agarwal , my money and time spent worth.

Rashmi Vadera


My daughter was facing problems in delayed marriage and after seeking Dr. Agarwal’s Vastu consultation where he just told me to change direction of my daughter’s room, immediately results started pouring in and my daughter got married without any obstruction.

Maya Makhija


Earlier I was not aware of vastu and many of my projects were on a hold. I also had to face many financial and personal problems in my life during this period. But, when I consulted Anoop ji, he advised me to use some stones and yantras and it really helped me a lot. Now since past 3 years I have been using these stones and yantras in all my building projects and miraculously all my projects were completed on time. All my apartments are now selling like hot cakes in the market. I have started consulting them for my home and offices too and I now believe that these stones and yantras actually energise the atmosphere and the people who are living in the building.

Rahul Khandelwal


I had a piece of property which I was trying to sell from a long time but because the property had a lot of vastu defects the deal was not getting through. But when I got the yantra placed in the land of the property, it got sold like a piece of hot cake. Now I always consult Agarwal ji before buying or selling any property. He even advises us on all our existing office, home and factory premises.

Praful Modi


I had been following vastu for many years and tried each and every way of vastu corrections at my office and house but none of the ways really proved any beneficial to me. After reading an article on VASTU by Dr. Agarwal in Times of India a year back, I got in touch with him and I thought for the last time I am going to try out another technique of vastu corrections. I started with showing one flat and one office of mine in Jalandhar and miraculously I saw good results very soon. I then invited him to my home and since then there has been a marked improvement in both health and business aspects. I have started using the crystals suggested in all my projects in India.

Gujreet Oberoi


I lived in a very nice house but always felt restless and ill at ease. Mr. Agarwal’s  Vastu suggestions made perfect sense, and he identified lots of areas of my home that could be improved. We rearranged the bedroom, which immediately increased my sense of peace. We made changes to other rooms. It seems odd to say, but we actually started to eat our meals in the previously ignored dining space rather than at the more crowded kitchen table where we had usually eaten. His consultation confirmed how important my living and work space are. It helped me focus my energies to look for another house. When we put our existing home on the market, the vast majority of buyers liked it very much. Mr. Agarwal’s recommendations, placements, and decluttering helped enormously.
His approach, which combines consulting with some teaching, gave me the tools and sharpened my instinct so that I was able to select a really wonderful new home for my family. We settled into our house amazingly quickly. I feel more peaceful than ever, and our work lives flow much more smoothly. I feel like an entirely different person.

Ruchika Pathak


One of my offices entrances was facing South-West. According to Vastu we lose magnetic and solar energy through South-West area. And I could not close that area because it faced the main road. But when Anoop ji installed two heavy duty Yantras facing each other there, in such a manner that the outflow of solar and magnetic energy was stopped, I began to see positive results. It helped me in achieving both popularity and sales. It really changed the face of my business.

Rakesh Juneja


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