Vastu defects can be profoundly suppressed with Vastu tools or instruments which help negating negative energy flowing in the site making it positive and better for human living. Here are some of the Vastu products/instruments that combat negativity on the site.


Crystals are able to alter the energy of a space, enlivening the atmosphere and neutralizing negative energies. Crystals can add harmony to any space. There is no hard and fast rule as to where you should place your crystals. You should use your intuition.

Crystal Tree

A crystal tree that is made up of gemstone contemplates the most significant tool for Vastu dosha nivarna in Vastu/Feng Shui. A gemstone tree that holds the eminent value in Vastu/Feng Shui is noticed in one type of gem nuggets. The specific gemstones used in a tree are predisposed to influence the surrounding aura and the color energies associated with it works in the direction prescribed to draw luck and abundance in life. A tree represents stability as well as the overall growth in life, thus loaded with the powerful gemstones too adds meaning and heals the overall torso.



Crystal Pyramids

Every site needs to be corrected with Vastu to nullify negativity and make a secured place devoid of any hazardous energy. Pyramids are such energized instruments which have their own powers and are not charged by some tricks but pyramids are organically charged. They keep the negative energies at bay from a place by absorbing all and neutralize the place. The incorrect Vastu of any place can make a site devoid of prosperity and contentment. Therefore it becomes important to neutralize the energies with Pyramids.



Crystal Roughs

You can also use crystal rough which have been used for hundreds of years to protect against negative energy and to increase positive energy. There are stones that eliminate negative energy that you can place in your room, and around the house. Clear quartz raises the frequency and vibration of energy around it. Rose quartz increases the energy of love and self-love. Amethyst protects against psychic negative energy; it also increases intuition and connection with spirit guides and with the divine. Black stones, such as obsidian, onyx and tourmaline are very protective against negative energies of all kinds, as is tiger eye, jade and turquoise.



Crystal Tumblestones

Tumbled Stone are small, rounded, brightly polished pieces of rocks and minerals. The crystals help to cleanse and purify the energy of your home or office. One of the most important things to do to maintain balance and happiness in your life is to clear and purify the energy of your space. It protects against negative energy and helps to clear and unlock any energy blockages in your home. These are of the most powerful crystals for protection from negative energy!    Place your Clean Energy Crystals in your home or office to purify the energy of the space. All the crystals will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern because they are all natural gemstones.


Crystal Cluster

Crystal clustered on a common matrix, encourages a sense of community, creating harmony, and removing negativity from the environment, whether that is only a body or in a room. It is also useful in cleansing and activating other quartz and minerals. Cluster sometimes contains many metaphysical configurations, all working together harmoniously. Quartz crystals serve to bring the group energy of the associated crystal to the surrounding environment, enhancing peace and harmony in groups, in the family, and in other social or business environment.



Crystal Geodes

Placing a geode in your home that matches one of these gemstones improves your home atmosphere according to these principles. For instance, amethysts are supposed to reflect love, protection and divination. Citrine, another stone that can be found in geodes, reflects money and purifies negative energy into positive energy. Clear Quartz crystals are perfect “energy dispersers” in any window. As a natural prism, they take light and energy from the sun and disperse it freely within the room.


Selenite Towers and Stick

This crystal is fairly even on all sides and is aerodynamic, designed to stand up on its own. The best tower shaped crystals are formed so that a pointed tip is at the top of the tower, almost like a castle. These crystals are very powerful and can energize anything that comes near it. Use these tower crystals with caution.



Crystals Eggs

This particular kind of crystal is known for its aesthetic beauty. Throughout the ages, the egg has symbolized new beginnings, the spark of creation. Traditional folk religion regards the egg as a powerful symbol of fertility, purity and rebirth. Egg shaped crystals are known for holding energy that can find an imbalance within the body and around our space.



Crystals Sphere

This rounded crystal is always manmade, but that is because the sphere is a powerful shape, making these crystals extremely powerful. The sphere crystal emits energy in all directions equally and is helpful when meditating, as well as trying to connect with your innermost self.



Crystal Points

This is one of the most common shapes of crystals, and it features one pointed end and one rugged end. This crystal can be used for a wide array of healing practices and energized your space.

Crystals Chips

Crystal Chips can be used for vastu correction in house as you can use it in your aquarium or you can place them at your table with a bowl full of chips. It works as a wonderful decorative collection and vastu tool. Crystal chips give the energized positive vibration in the surroundings of your vastu space.


Magnetic Compass

Vastu compass is a device that every professional Vastukar takes with itself to ascertain the concerned directions in a place. This tool is one of the prominent instruments that an expert carries to self-check the arrangements, location and directions as per Vastu.




The presence of the Rudraksha in any home makes the inmates divine and they becomes dear to Lord Shiva. This Rudraksha has great use in Vastu as far as ability to bring immnese protection, riches, immense safety, auspiciousness among the family members and peaceful environment, however for correct placement or wearing and right direction of this powerful Rudraksha a specialist is extremely important.



Vastu yantra is a scared object that negates the defects and negative effects of Vastu dosha at a respective place. The yantra is usually made of any royal treasure or metal for instance gold, silver or copper and helps in discarding ill aftermaths of wrong placement of house or any of the Vastu dosha.



Gemstones basically work according to one’s astrological sign and recommended in Vedic astrology where gemstone is to be worn in order to dispel negative energy. The concept of Vastu gemstone is again a similar to Vedic astrology which believes that wearing an astrological gem as per horoscope will give prosper life and harmony in the living place. The belief among people is that wearing gemstone will fetch them all-around happiness, good luck and successful career.