What is Vastu Shastra?
Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian science of architecture which guides the construction and design of buildings with the natural and simple laws of the universe. This construction science offers detailed information about what to keep in mind when selecting a piece of land, and constructing buildings.
When is Vastu consultation required?
Vastu consultation is extremely helpful if you’re planning to buy or rent a house or business preemies. It is particularly recommended if you are facing difficulties such as expenditure is more than income, no peace at work or in home in life, or if there is no harmony at work or home. If your child is not listen you or He doesn’t get desired success in his studies or in career.
How can one know that the Vastu energies around the house are bad?
Our house is our haven and an extension of our mental state. Homes that have been constructed in coarse violation of the principles of Vastu shastra for house tend to turn into forerunners of insomnia, hopelessness, domestic problems, financial difficulties, mood swings, infertility, body pains, arthritis, stiffness, rheumatism, or other such chronic ailments. The residents of the house suffer from dreadful states such as insecurity, loss of love, alcoholism, and misery. Apart from this, the inmates may also notice the presence of cockroaches, pests, and centipedes. The electronic gadgets also tend to fail regularly. If the aforementioned symptoms are present in the house you live in, then undoubtedly the vastu energies are bad and require help.
Does religion play a role in Vastu?
Religion plays absolutely no role in vastu. Vastushastra is a science based on universal laws of planetary forces.
What are the effects on a tenant?
The question of ownership does not arise. Whoever occupies and stays in the building is the recipient of the effect.
Should one correct all defects? It may not be possible and expensive too?
Not necessary. Only prominent defects need to be corrected so that the energy flow changes for the better. The other defects can remain. If on the overall, a structure has a positive presence it will give good effect not withstanding a few mistakes here and there.
Why do directions hold such significance in Vastu Shastra?
It’s important to know that different planets rule different directions and have particular influences on the residents. By comprehending the effects different directions have, one can balance out the diverse forces cordially.
What do the directions represent?
East governs wisdom, wealth and male issues. Southeast governs fire, health, cooking and food. South governs happiness, wealth and the head female member of a family. Southwest governs behaviour, character, and death. West presides over fame, prosperity, name and the head male member of a family. Northwest presides over enmity, friendship, change, income from business. North governs prosperity, wealth, and female issues. Northeast governs wealth, health, spirituality and over all prosperity.
Do colors have a role in Vastu?
Yes, the colors used inside and outside the house or office must coordinate with the hues of the particular elements and planets associated with the directions. Doing this enhances the flow of energy around you.
What are the similarities and differences between feng shui and Vastu?
Both these systems are based upon planetary energies and the fundamental elements of the forces of nature. Feng shui considers water, wind, air and fire as the basic elements, while Vastu considers air, fire, space, earth and water. Vastu is known to be more mathematical.
Can Vastushastra bring wealth?
Yes, Vastushastra proposes different ways in which one can live in sync with the nature’s laws, to stay healthy, wise, and work proficiently to gain prosperity.
Does the size of a house affect the fate of the person living in it?
Yes, the length, breadth both affect the fate, Health and Behaviour(co-ordination and bonding between them) of the residents who live in it.
How Vastu works?
Vastu diktats help in achieving harmony between external energies such as heat, light, sound and so on which we are constantly receiving from our surroundings and internal energies that are commonly routed through our diet, sleeping habits and above all our thought process. A dissonance in internal energies reflects on our physical experience but mental unrest. When the internal and external are balanced, health, wealth and happiness unfolds.
Where should I keep money in my Room?
Keep your money in a cupboard/ cash box, which is located in the south and opens towards the north because the north is direction of Kuber (God of Wealth) who represents wealth.
Why one should refer to the Vastu?
It is best to refer to Vastu for improvement or enhancement of quality of life, rather than referring to Vastu as a problem solver. A man should realize the potential that he has within him to putting the best of his efforts with balanced mind. Only when he has completed the best of his ability taking records to a higher help is logical.
What are the avoidable directions and activities?
Avoid facing south while praying or eating; preferably do not keep your T.V. facing north. Housewives preferably should not face south while cooking.
Can I make cellars, basements & underground house?
It’s better to avoid them especially in a residential building. However, for commercial structures, East, North and NE of the building can have underground parking.
Is vastu shastra related to astrology?
Yes, but not 100%. Suppose there’s a person having very good astrological charts and he’s living in a bad vastu house. Now, since the stars favor this person, he’ll get lot of auspicious opportunities, but since the vastu of his house is bad, he won’t be able to make the most of these opportunities. Similarly, if a person has bad astrological charts and lives in a good vastu house then he’ll get good opportunities & he may be able to grab most of these.
My marriage is getting delayed. Can it be a vastu defect?
Yes, there’re vastu defects that lead to delay in marriage.
Where do I need place the compass, while noting directions, for my plot?
Right at the center of the plot.
How do I know the facing of my home?
Note the direction you’re facing while going out of the house from the main door. That’s the facing of your home.
I want to rent out a portion of my house. Which one should I go for?
Try to keep the SW portion of the house to yourself (as that portion belongs to the master of the house)
What type of pictures should I choose to hang in my drawing room?
Anything that radiates positive emotions is good. No images of war, crying girl, loneliness, struggle etc. Hang something that’s positive such as a happy family pic, a serene landscape etc.
Does internal arrangement of house items in a house plays a role in vastu shastra?
Yes, internal arrangement of house items plays an important role in vastu shastra. For example: 1. Placing bed under a staircase or a beam is a no no. 2. Placing cooking stove in NE of kitchen is also a no in vastu shastra.
I’m a student. Which direction should I face while studying?
East is best for students.
Are all houses situated in front of a T-junctions are bad and why?
One should avoid a building in front of a T-junction. In comparison, a house in front of a T-junction in the South or West direction has more bad effects than the one facing North or East direction. The harsh energy due to the traffic on the road entering directly into the premises results in a tense and negative environment.
What are the factors on which ‘Vastu’ is based?
Vastu’ is a combination to Bio-energy Force, Gravitational Force, Magnetic Field of Earth, Solar Energy, Velocity of Wind and Cosmic Radiations.
Are Basements not good for living or working?
Due to the low level of energy, basements are ideally not good for living but if one can create & enhance the energy level with the help of lighting, proper ventilation & air conditioning etc; the same can be used as a working area.
What is the most negative ‘Vastu’ flaw in a house?
An underground water body in the South-West area of a house is the most negative and major flaw in ‘Vastu’. This may lead to the defects represented by the 3 D’s: Debts, Delays and Disharmony in the family. Similarly, desecrating North-East and the Center (‘Brahma-Sthana’) are also major flaws.
Why are corners so important in ‘Vastu’?
The corner represents the blending of two cardinal directions which also represents any of the four elements of ‘Vastu’ i.e. (North-East:-water, South-East:-Fire, South-West: Earth, North-West:Air). That is why the corners are very important in ‘Vastu’ .
Is ‘Vastu’ applicable only to Hindus?
No, in fact, it is a science of directions. It was written 6000 years back keeping in mind that, whosoever resides in a house would be benefited, so the question of religion does not arise.
Why one should sleep with the head toward South?
North Pole of Earth & human head both are positive poles, due to which they repel each other. Flow of magnetic field is from North of South, so body in North South axis will receive magnetic field from the feet resulting in proper blood circulation, due to presence of iron in the blood.