A well-structured factory is probably can’t grant all-round contentment to the owner in terms of wealth, health, peace, employees and labour. The site on which factory is being constructed is the primary aspect and contributing factor in the success of factory. The main objective of every business is earning profit however if this goal is not achieved through one or the other reason than one must suspect Vastu. Vastu of factory helps detecting problems at site by analyzing it thoroughly and correctly it with invasive remedies. Factory Vastu ensures the successful running of business navigation, leading to larger production and better monetary profits, successful among neighbour factories. Applying Vastu for industry can be of great support and also it roots way for prosperity, security, strengthens in business. There are several many more things those have to be considered while setting Vastuguidelines for industries or factories like selection of site, position of electronic gadgets, location of guardroom, quarters for staff, kitchen, office room for administration, chairman’s room, Managing Partner’s room and placement of raw materials, furnished goods, developing packaged material, readied transport items and many more.

The main purpose of a factory is getting profits through production and marketing. So the owner of the factory must look into not only self but many lives also. Normally, factory will have heavy things, materials of raw as well as finished goods, apart from machinery and stocks. These heavy materials must be placed only either at west / southwest / south. Compound wall / guestroom are also important aspects to be look into with regards to Vastu.Yet so many aspects, dimensions that are to be observed before construction and for which an experienced Vastu consultant is badly required. In Vastusworld our vastu expert Dr.Anoop Agarwal and his team helps you to get rid of these problems and with his directions one should construct a factory and come up in life and make others to come up.

Normally factories or manufacturing units face severe problems, which are to be dealt with care and caution.Fundamentally the basic reason behind the problems like labour problems, tax problems, market competition, ongoing trends frequent changes of passions and above all government policies etc, are to be recognized. One can tackle the problems with managerial efficiency but one can even avoid facing by following proper Vastu in construction of factory or manufacturing unit.

Vastu of factory determines every aspect to find out the reason of prevailing problems in the existing factory. In Vastusworld we take care of all the important aspects of vastu to help you to make vastu compliance/ friendly buildingwith the expert suggestions of Vastu Siddanthi (Dr.Anoop Agarwal). Some tips of Vastu for factory are:

  • More open space should be in north and east rather than in south and west.
  • Plot should be highest in south-west and lowest in North-east. If the plot is rectangular or square in shape, correct it as per Vastu.
  • Boundary walls in south and west should be heavy and taller than walls in north and east.
  • South-west portion of construction should be highest point.
  • Slope of roof should be in north or east. It should not be the other way round.

We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the factory. Vastu consultation of factory involves a thorough analysis:

Vastu For factory

  1. The location of the beams
  2. The location of the basement
  3. The direction of the Entrance
  4. The direction & placement of the heavy machines
  5. The direction & placement of the employees
  6. The direction & placement of the owner
  7. The direction & placement of the raw materials
  8. The direction & placement of the finished goods
  9. The direction and placement of the electrical equipment like generators
  10. The direction & placement of the water products
  11. The direction and placement of the administrative area
  12. The direction and placement of the guard room
  13. The direction and placement of the staff quarters
  14. The direction and placement of the water boring
  15. The direction and placement of the staff underground water tank
  16. The direction and placement of the overhead water tank
  17. The direction and placement of the septic tank or the waste disposal